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Old Comments:

2010-03-16 12:57:26
How come we assume the American Indians were the very first people on this continent? They probably came here from somewhere else too. And they most likely killed whomever came before them. This is not to minimize how they were treated but we don't know where various peoples started or how they interbred. The American Indians had inter tribal warfare before the settlers came here -They could be as cruel as anyone else - There are many mysteries on the North American Continent - Evidence of Vikings, Mound building cultures, strange writings on artifacts found in the most unlikely places, civilizations that seemingly disappeared overnight - We don't know and never will know who was first.
2010-03-15 18:14:10
Hello, Pixdaus--I am typing this for the 3rd time--let's hope it will be the last. First, correct your tag--it is, or should be, offensive to all Americans and all women, among others--what was the point of that? Sorry that you made your character a red-head--while on the subject of stereotypes, not all red-heads are clowns. That said, I think some viewers from outside of the USA missed the point. The man in the overalls is using a standard malcontent rant on the black man and on the Hispanic man--but he doesn't know what to say to the American Indian--whose people were here before any settlers from Europe or Africa.
2009-05-25 14:52:35
...when a new population moves in an occupied nich, competition begins. The species that has superior characteristics will not nessesarily dominate. The dominant species will always be the one which outbreeds the other. Multiculturalism does not work. Tollerance now will cause you to wake up homeless in the land your grandfathers died for. White Americans, Australians and Europeans need to reailize that they have nothing culturally in common with Mexicans, Chinese or Middle Easterners.
2009-04-17 04:55:21
Coming from some named boner? Not really an insult LOL
2009-04-17 04:53:44
Wow...what an absolutely uninformed comment...and your name is Adolf...coincidence? I think NOT.
2009-04-17 04:49:11
I agree...FINALLY someone with a BRAIN?!
2009-04-01 03:40:25
I take offense that the cartoonist portrays him as a southern hick. That is so tiresome. Racist come in all colors and from every state. I believe racism is a form of low self esteem...if it makes you feel like you're a few rungs up the ladder when you tear someone down, then you have a problem, no matter your race. People need to check their heart. We all need to.
2009-02-17 05:47:49
First of all marvin you don't know me, so I find sayin' me been racist simply inadequate and which I find far more insulting sayin' sth about British blood. All I wanted to say in my comment is I say no for ILLEGAL immigrants in EU. I am aware of the past. I am fully concious about European conquers made during past centuries. I think we can't generalize and say "for they own benefit", "other countries were rich countries before european put they hands on...". This is all just exaggeration. I don't have now time to talk about all this issues you referred to thou I'd like to remind you I wrote Illegal. I don't mind people from "rich countries" comming to EU lookin' for better life. And I am no racist. But I can not agree with still rising flow of illegal immigrants which just come, don't work, make children, don't obey our customs, bills and simply take an advantage on our social care system. This is something I can't agree. Despite from situation in USA I am only referring to EU - place I know and I don't want it to become another Islamastate or sth..
2009-02-09 07:29:29
But if Europeans or USA don't want Emigrations in they countries ... they shouldn't invaded others countries in the first place for they own benefit ... What the funny shit is... All this other countries were rich countries before european put they hands on... What you talking about no Illegal In US... when first you guys invaded US where was the permission? You All are invaders what you talking about EU VOICE?? You been racist, I bet your blood is British...
2009-02-07 02:35:50
"Die Europäische Union hat genug Hände, um sie einander zu reichen und anzupacken. Wir sind 17.7* Millionen Arbeitslose. Machen wir uns die Hände nicht schmutzig. Du bist die Hand und hast sogar zwei davon. Du bist 17.7 Millionen!" NO FOR ILLIGAL IMMIGRANTS IN EU! *2007
2009-01-18 21:30:25
american fight for freedom.......
2009-01-16 00:58:30
Why is the Irish guy yelling at everybody except the last guy? ;-O
2008-07-15 17:44:11
since i'm indian, that is
2008-07-15 17:42:56
i win!
2008-04-30 12:40:44
You think *we're* gay, and then you take the nickname BONER? Are you hitting on me?
2008-04-29 20:09:43
When will people learn to appreciate diversity ? to get rid of the genetically induced fear of the different ? we have to grow beyond that
2008-02-08 22:31:16
Might makes right in your opinion hm? In America's view this is the case, but in the rest of the world's view (including that of our allies) we are usually seen as wicked, overbearing, or fundamentalist. Pretending to be able to predict alternate outcomes is pointless. Without the Dark Ages in Europe we might be colonizing space right now too.
2008-02-08 10:33:15
for most of the "mexicans" that live in the US, they have been living here longer than most americans. They lived here before the most of the south west became US. They moved here when this place was mexico
2008-02-08 10:17:21
Every Immigration is an invasion. Its funny that the fatc europeans were invaders is often used as an arguement to make oppostion to immigration seem stupid. When this analogy really proves the point of how dangerous it is to let others in. We amricans have proven that. Asfor the indians they have the ability to save themslevs due to lack of weapons. We have this ability but choose not to use it due to lack of will of a degenerate population raised on the belief that the golden age will never end.
2008-02-08 10:01:39
I second that!
2008-02-08 08:35:32
2008-02-08 05:13:23
It's not only that 'some people choose to believe that a few goofballs speak for a whole race,' it's that there are so many people that DON'T stand up to speak out AGAINST the goofballs that want to appear as if they speak for the whole of a subtype of ethnicity.
2008-02-08 04:20:13
Just like beauty! rascism is in the eye of the beholder, not all whites are rascist, not all blacks are rascist. Some people choose to believe that a few goofballs speak for a whole race and that is the true crime, not this stupidity that one race belongs and another cannot. I honestly dont think that all humans can live together peacefully because of this.
2008-02-08 02:26:34
Go back to Russia
2008-02-08 01:56:34
I think you are all gay.
2008-02-08 01:49:52
Yes, all the Americunts are invaders but they don't know.
2008-02-08 00:37:17
Spain is now days the country with more new inmigrants per year of all Europe. Now the 10% of the population is not spaniard and racism is growing among the people. I use to say that all the people from USA were ignorants and racist, but now i think that all the fucking world is racist. We must fight racism throug education, education to the native and to the inmigrant
2008-02-08 00:35:46
Fuckin biggots.
2008-02-07 23:40:40
Dude, that is exactly what people are upset about here. Illegal immigrants that don't follow the laws, hate on our customs and culture, and crow about how *they* are going to take everything over! That's usually the Mexicans talking about "Aztlan." THe blacks that immigrate here are generally honest hard working folks that really do try to acclimate to the culture and be productive members of society. Sadly, they are often the target of 'native black' violence because they're 'acting white.' Immigrant blacks look down on 'native blacks' even. Moving here: ok. Moving here and working to turn it into Little Mexico? Not ok.
2008-02-07 20:54:57
i don´t think the americans owe the indians anything, when the white man arrived there , it was just land, look at america today, a super power, would it be one if it was always on the hands of indians..i don´t think so
2008-02-07 19:00:42
As a Swedish guy, i can tell it's just the same here... Quite sad actually - but in some ways here it has become a huge problem with immigrants that don't adjust to our system, and far more worse: they refuse to obey the Swedish law and customs... I do NOT mind if ppl come here as refugees, but if they do, they also have to accept the ways of our system. If they do - then welcome! How 'bad' is the rasism in the USA?
2008-02-07 16:57:41
not only that, the hicks like the one in this pic then sing about how everyone else should get out of their country
2008-02-07 11:55:41
Bull crap. I'm white and I've been a victim of racism more than most non-whites I know. Racism is universal. In fact your little comment you made is actually very racist. Racism is a human problem, not one of a specific race. It's racist Bull like your comment that keeps fanning the flame. Whats your answer to the ignorant racists? Be racist back... yeah, that'll work. Spare your stupidity from the rest of us.
2008-02-07 11:52:46
made by a white person for white people..SAVE THE WORLD !
2008-02-07 11:23:01
If you don't think racism is alive and well in society're probably white.
2008-02-07 11:04:49
I think that this comic is trying to point out the hypocrisy of a white American telling other immigrants to go back where they came from.
2008-02-07 10:51:56
I think your little rant just shows how you ARE just a stupid racist idiot. No one said anything about breaking laws, crossing borders, or immigration. Nothing even suggests it. The fact that you IMMEDIATELY jump at the conclusion that the Mexican must be an illegal immigrant (while the black person isn't. I guess there are no black illegal immigrants in the US, while all Mexicans are illegal immigrants?) is very telling.
2008-02-07 10:40:25
I don't know a single person in the USA who is demanding that black Americans go back to Africa, or that Native Americans leave. So I think this is a lame attempt to legitimize people who break the law by crossing the border without checking in at immigration. This cartoon is saying that anyone who complains about it must be a stupid buck-toothed racist idiot. I have a suggestion: Let's post artistic photographs here and reserve the sophomoric political cartoons for the other ten-billion websites devoted to politics.
2008-02-07 10:05:46
i am sorry, i quite understand,what does it mean?
2008-02-07 09:48:58
Love it... we are all invaders.