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Old Comments:

2008-02-24 23:09:19
Well, original Albanians are Catholics, btw. And the Kosov Albanians are nothing more than leftovers from Osman Empire. They came on Kosovo in the 1st place and wanted to spread north. That's why we had a 'famous' battle on Kosovo in 1389.(and the cradle of Serbian religion is Pećka PatrijarÅ¡ija - established on Kosovo in 1250....) See, history about Kosovo goes much more in the past than most ppl know but I guess - whoever controles the media, controles the ppl as well. Ppl are lazy and know nothing about history on Balkans. To most ppl when u say Bosnia&Herzegovina they think - muslims. Noone tries to dig a bit deeper in history than when Turks came here. Hellooooo!!! Serbs were here even before 7th century. Do the math, and read about the history a bit. No matter if ur muslim, orthodox or catholic or buddhist or whatever, the point is that Shiptars are demolishing our national treasure, spitting on our religion... And than I should be tolerative??? I don't think so...
2008-02-18 12:50:10
This comment doesn't make sense. What does Kosovo have to do with ME? And what does Islam have to do with Kosovo's independence? Would things be different if Albanians were Christian?
2008-02-17 14:33:02
It all has to do with Islam... Soon Kosovo will become a Muslim country with strict sharia laws. Do you want your wife, daughter and granddaughter to be forced to wear headscarves, burkas and reduced to cattle? Think about it...
2008-02-17 13:34:54
one part was(north)
2008-02-16 23:45:08
what is sad is that author of this cartoon thinks that Serbia was part of Austro Hungarian empire.
2008-02-16 22:37:09
It is sad what EU is doing to Serbia.Just do a little research and you will see Kosovo was where first country of Serbia (different name at the time) was created. It is really sad that all Ancient Serbian Monasteries are being burned and destroyed, and EU or US doesnt care because they need another army base just to control Balkans as much as they can.