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Old Comments:

2010-08-30 01:49:44
In a world governed and controlled by Jihadists, al Queda, the Taliban and other varieties of Islamofascists this web site would not even exist. There are some people who are eager to live in a world like Afghanistan under the Taliban, where there was no music, no dancing, no beer or wine, and no pretty ladies to be seen on the street, or in a place like Saudi Arabia where people are still stoned to death for adultery. If you are one of those people, or if you sympathize with them, the US Marines are your enemy, and I am your enemy. If you appreciate the relative degree of freedom, openness and liberty enjoyed by the citizens of most western countries, you should understand that the US Marines, among others, and people like me and my neighbors who support them, are what stand between you and fanaticism, rule by Sharia law, and religious tyranny.
2010-08-30 01:18:45
nowadays they commit murders ; rapes steal local artifacts But I know- they're fighting for "freedom"...
2008-09-15 23:47:19
tolko pryatalis begali vashi soldati poka UssR voevalo i lilo KROV!!!!
2008-09-03 00:30:59
again, i was gonna rip him a new one patito but you took care of that.
2008-09-02 20:47:37
I'm goddamn tired of self-righteous right-wing assholes who think they have some kind of exclusive fuckin' franchise on patriotism, love of country, or military service..I served four years on active military duty.. my father fought in WW II and he was a liberal till the day he died don't even know what the word liberal means, you dumbass Limbaugh Licker !
2008-09-02 20:33:43
My father did that same kind of work during WWII and he talked about it exactly once with me. When you love your country you don't need "two kinds of patriotism" to explain your feelings like the liberals do.
2008-05-06 05:15:11
Those men are the REAL heroes! Not "heroes" like everybody today.