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Old Comments:

2008-04-05 05:18:33
How do we track the dorks posting dupes?
2008-02-13 09:07:17
Congrats to Alex and Pizdaus! Keep up the good work!!! And don't let the peanut gallery get you down...
2008-02-12 01:54:32
You could always just click on the actual tag. The tags themselves are links which group the pictures...
2008-02-11 22:39:39
If you'll click on a tagged picture then change the "tag" in the address to whatever you want.
2008-02-11 03:15:17
The downside is that there is no SEARCH option. I don't know why pictures are Tagged when you can't do a search.
2008-02-11 02:25:25
Different from the rest of the internet in what way, dipstick?
2008-02-10 19:17:42
And so what? The only way to 'know' any given pics are from a particular person is to go to individual artists websites. Last I heard, it was called 'Pizdaus: Pics We Like'
2008-02-10 17:33:37
Geez, and this is on a blog that might be read by 10 or even 12 people worldwide! Wow...
2008-02-10 15:02:37
And an obsession with Pink Floyd, apparently...
2008-02-10 12:29:47
All weve got to go on is honesty, integrity and intuition....