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Old Comments:

2011-11-10 09:36:47
That was supposed to go under winter time's comment.....
2011-11-10 09:36:18
You really ought to get a life and do something meaningful with it, winter time.....
2011-11-10 08:45:12
What has COY to do with Picture Girl, other than the fact that they both tended to post wallpaper images? You are surely not suggesting that they are the same persons?
2011-11-10 08:28:52
I am not paranoid, but I am one hell of a lot smarter than you. Thank you very much.
2011-11-10 07:22:25
I'm not patito, you're paranoid
2011-11-10 06:39:01
And would you believe I haven't taken a bath, changed my socks and underwear or brushed my teeth for over six months ?
2011-11-10 06:35:38
Anyway, I got tired of attacking Picture Girl so now I'm going after Coy.
2011-11-10 06:33:23
Aware of that Patito ? Which Patito ?
2011-11-10 06:28:58
COY posts crappy wallpaper images and you are very much aware of that patito.
2011-11-10 05:27:09
COY posts really nice pictures. When others post something really different, they get their pics voted down. So, damn if you do, damn if you don't.
2011-11-10 05:24:38
I agree, but why COY...because Patito is not around to target? No wonder some of us use different names to comment;.
2011-11-10 05:17:00
COY and C0Y are jokes that post mundane and ordinary wallpaper images.
2011-11-10 04:25:43
Most likely the same troll who posts weird things and then accuses Patito of it.
2011-11-10 03:51:36
This is not the first comment that C0Y has posted, pretending to be you. That's weird!
2011-11-10 03:33:31
Thank you autumn time. I thought that it was a very good photo. The person who made a comment and who made an attempt to be me, was not me. If you look carefully you will see that he/she has spelled COY using the number Zero instead of the letter O. We get all kind of cazy people on here. I would never post any photo that I thought was of poor quality.
2011-11-10 02:48:16
Thank you autumn time. It is a lovely tranquil scene, however, I do realize that it is a rather poor photograph even though I posted it.
2011-11-09 20:46:31
Lovely tranquil scene