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Old Comments:

2010-09-07 12:35:22
Good idea, Connie. I hope that he will respond to your telling him about that, and soon too... :)
2010-09-07 12:31:44
When I asked Chris to delete one of my uploads (posted twice in error), I also told him about getting the messages 'Bad Gateway'.
2010-09-07 12:08:59
So that would've been Sunday night going into Monday then. I did however have the 'bad gateway' notice a couple of times on Monday through the day (my time)... :(
2010-09-07 12:05:39
Prior to that, two of my pics ending at the extreme end of the screen.
2010-09-07 11:53:19
The problem probably occurred when you were in slumberland, Mary.
2010-09-07 10:22:01
That's strange, Poppy. I never had any trouble accessing Pixdaus that day....
2010-09-07 10:15:53
On the 5th, Pixdaus was probably fiddling with something because there was nothing to see but blank pages for several hours (I had hopes that the new platform was a-coming, heh). Quite a few pics disappeared, I noticed, e.g. 2 of mine.
2010-09-06 10:45:41
That's weird how it disappeared. I re-posted it.
2010-09-06 06:58:48
I'll do some sleuting ;-)
2010-09-06 06:56:43
You're welcome.
2010-09-06 02:36:22
Connie, I don't understand what happened to the beautiful pic of the oregon coast? I had it in my faves, and the last time I looked, about an hour ago, it had around twenty votes...I left you a comment too.
2010-09-06 01:57:49
Love it! Even love its name. Thanks for including me!