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Old Comments:

2011-06-21 05:19:31
Who knows who the artist is! The photo itself is either by aspen.aspen @ flickr or Teun Hocks.
2011-06-21 03:28:25
Who is the artist who did the picture of which this is a photograph?
2011-05-29 21:57:15
Then aspen.aspen at flickr is being dishonest?Where is Teun Hocks' photo site? But, I wonder who is the author of the poem?
2011-05-29 21:02:18
this picture is made by Teun Hocks
2011-05-29 04:03:11
Sorry for the mix-up. aspen.aspen @ flickr is the photographer, but not the author of the poem. I found that at
2011-05-29 04:00:35
It was an illusion Straight out of the imagination Of a painter with no money But with a bountiful talent. When the painting was finished He took his past in his arms Placing it in the inferno He had brought to life. It was a wood fire To make us believe That it was not cold And to protect us against the dark. The canvas burnt so much But he didn't move. For the first time, The man was happy unknown author