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Old Comments:

2009-01-02 08:25:01
Mexico has more regulations in place than U.S.? If that is true, then I would mostly be for deregulation. Mexico is very corrupt, it's problems are very different than the United States'. Not comporable.
2008-10-18 13:05:56
that's america under bush for you, even our excrement appears to be guilty until proven innocent. you got it -- now they've even taken away the right of habeas crapus in the u.s.
2008-10-09 14:18:04
is not man its a raw sewage processing plant a joint venture between mex and US
2008-10-08 16:25:00
You are right, Connie.
2008-10-08 07:14:01
Just Sayin - Both Mexico and the US have a free market economy. However, the Mexican government has more regulations in place to protect their citizens against crooked CEOs, banks etc. The sub-prime rate issue is so bizarre it stretches the imagination. However, there is now an economic meltdown of the free market economy because of US (George W. Bush) de-regulations for Wall Street brokers, CEOs, banks, mortgages... George W. Bush and other republicans have turned a blind eye to what has been happening in the last couple of years or so . The Democrat majority led Congress, who also have a lot of friends/cronies on Wall Street, are also a lot to blame. Then there is Joe Average on Main Street. Joe wants to buy a $300,000, but he only makes $50,000 a year and has no down payment. Normally Joe would never have qualified for such a mortgage. But, have no fear Joe, the federal government has come to your rescue with some great innovative ideas - a down payment is no longer required; they created a new 40-year mortgage, and it’s even tax-deductible. Even better, the lenders offer a very artificial low interest rate to further entice Joe. After all, the CEOs’ yearly bonus is dependant on sucking more and more Joe’s in their greedy jaws. When it's time for Joe to renew his mortgage a year later...guess what...the lender asks for a higher interest…no surprise here. Joe can't make the payments; the banks/money lenders re-possess Joe's home, along with thousands and thousands of others. Now, there is a glut of houses for sale on the market across the US. The bubble has burst! Their homes are now valued at less than their mortgage and more loose their homes, on and on…the ‘Domino Effect’. Most Joes should have understood that the interest rates were temporarily artificially low. But, they wanted to believe the hype that the bubble would keep getting bigger, with home value going up up up. In many cases, they were in agreement with the money lenders to lie about their income on their applications for mortgage. Greed is a funny thing; it corrupts, and makes people blind, deaf and dumb. As for Wall Street CE0s - their greed is the most evil of all; it has no conscience. Free market economy is good, but it comes with a high price if there are no check and balance in place.
2008-10-07 14:04:12
The complex of buildings on the left side of the picture is probably the a garrison for border guards, which is why it has all the extra fences and resembles a prison. On the right side is a stunningly vibrant example of a free market economy.
2008-10-07 02:31:27
I was thinking the right would be the U.S. cuz of the good roads and development but then Tijuana is very crowded isn't it -so I just don't know. Anyway good pic.
2008-10-07 02:04:18
Hi ripper - I've been to Tijuana but that was many years ago. I based my opinion on the look of the buildings and the advertising posters, but I could be wrong.
2008-10-07 01:29:43
I thought just the opposite Connie.
2008-10-07 00:48:16
I'm pretty sure it's the US on the left and Tijuana, Mexico on the right.
2008-10-06 14:27:07
Fine pic ! Just 1 question. Where is, on the picture of course, Mexico & where's US ? Thanks & success.