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Old Comments:

2011-08-30 06:08:29
amazing beauty!
2010-10-01 22:54:26
Peasant is probably correct about their being a certain amount of anti-Moslem sentiment among Pixdaus users, but fine photos of all sorts of subjects taken by masters of the art have been voted down and off the site over the years. Classic photos by the likes of Edward Steichen, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Henri Certier-Bresson, Dorothea Lange, Walker Evans, Russell Lee and Gary Winogrand have plunged over the edge into oblivion, while sentimental schlock, cute kitties and garish wall-paper landscapes have been warmly received and up-voted. This site is open to the public with no filters or restrictions, and to a certain extent it reflects the tastes of the general public, which tends to be rather bourgeois and pedestrian. I also urge Syriaz not to give up. One of the keys to success here, as in many areas of endeavor, is persistence.
2010-10-01 19:11:14
@ Syraiz You know, it's true that some of users down voted your posts because they think you are " stinking muslim ". Sadly but true. This is internet and this site is visited by users all around the world. Some of them are , I don't know, narrow minded? But that don't mean that we are all the same. So don't let them to force you out of here. Take a short break from this site and when you calm down a little bit come back and continue with posting... BDW: I'm from Croatia and I don't buy that shit about Muslim. Take a look at this site: Old story about "Christian's"....
2010-10-01 17:58:50
I don't think that is quite true at all Connie, several of my posts were photographs taken by professional photographers for National Geographic, the portraits of Bedouin Peoples. One of them was actually taken by Steve McCurry who took the very famous photo of "Afghan Girl" that appeared on a 1985 cover for National Geographic. Did these photos, very excellent quality photos by the way, fare any better than the others? NO! The photo by Steve McCurry was voted down to -13 and gone within four hours after I posted it. Very few Pixdaus users even saw it in the first place.
2010-10-01 15:46:29
I don't think that is the least with the majority of us. I would like to think we are not so narrow minded as to wish to exclude anyone based on their country or origin, culture or religion. Some posters are uploading photos from well established and popular photographers on the Net. It can be hard to compete against that.
2010-10-01 15:36:47
Sorry, I never got to see your comment before it went below -13. My neighbours were a young Syrian couple - very nice and very much in love ;-)
2010-10-01 13:28:55
Thank you for your comments peasant, but I don't think that it is quite as simple as that. It is not a matter of my uploads not receiving upvotes (something that I really wouldn't mind) it is more of a matter with the very quick and decisive downvotes. My uploads have been downvoted to the -13 obscurity very quickly, some of them within two or three hours. I know that many (most?) posters are not especially well received at first, but how many have had 25 of their first 32 posts immediately voted to -13. If I had of been posting photos of cats, flowers or birds I am rather certain that this would not have happened. I have seen many rather poor photos of more popular subjects receive modestly good votes. I feel that my posts are being rejected because of the fact that they represent Syria and/or the fact that I am Syrian.
2010-10-01 13:19:32
I commented on your post Connie and thanked you. I did like the photo, it was quite nice and one that I had not seen before. Your post is gone today, so apparently it was voted to -13 as most of mine have been.
2010-09-30 23:51:44
I needed a lot of time to learn what is good post here.... First I was started to post some snap shots with strange situations... pore quality shots... and, of course, got -13 for all of them... Then I posted some of best photos ever from other sites and got -13... It was really confuse situation for me then. Now I know that is penalty for double post. There's lot of unwritten rules here like if you post more then 10 posts, your 40. post will be down voted no matter of it's quality and beauty... I would like that users here have more sympathy for newcomers , but that is just a dream... It's too easy to find a reason to down vote someone and so little understanding and patience for newcomers.
2010-09-30 23:17:16
That's nonsense. It's about the quality and beauty of pictures. Not if you are a newcomer.
2010-09-30 18:52:27
Syraiz... No one was accepted at first here, you are not exception. Pls keep posting and ignore votes... Peace...
2010-09-30 18:22:23
I hope you re-consider Syriaz. I don't know why, but it usually takes a while for newcomers to get votes for their uploads. Don't give us so easily. Did you like the photo I posted for you of your First Lady?
2010-09-30 17:20:42
Goodbye Pixdaus, I am posting five additonal photos, but these will be my last. The previous posts have not been well received. I guessed wrong when I thought that middle-eastern photos and a middle-eastern user would be welcomed on Pixdaus.