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Posted By:hosebag

Old Comments:

2011-05-07 18:34:07
I also get the same messages as spooky stuff. Anybody know what is going on?
2011-05-07 07:05:28
Why do we get the following message after voting for a comment "Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by blah blah blah?
2011-05-06 08:15:40
Apparently Pixdaus did move to a new server, albeit one that is even more archaic and slower and the previous one--and that is even harder to access and slower to open pages. Also Pixdaus recently modified the page layouts to allow for additional advertising. What is my assessment of this? That Environmental Graffiti is concerned only with wringing out every last dollar from Pixdaus and that they care nothing about the future of the cite and are doing NOTHING to help it, including going ahead with a new platform.
2011-05-06 07:29:13
I've been on Pixdaus for 10 minutes, and have so far SEVEN pop-ups for mother's day cards, and two other weird ones. I've come on Pixdaus four times and I get pop-ups each time. What a screwed up site. McAfee security told a friend that Pixdaus is bad for malware and so on. Be careful everyone - I'm out of here.