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2011-06-02 19:47:12
TinEye is a Canadian company from Quebec. Trust those Quebequers and their creativity ;-) It's a very successful company, with 100s of photographers already using their site to find out where their photos are being posted. The TinEye web crawler is not slow....1000s and 1000s of photos are uploaded to the Web every day. TinEye (a new company) already has 1,958,654,947 images in their database, and they keep adding 1000s every day to their database. Even photos from blogs show up etc. Pixdaus has scrambled their URLs(?) or whatever, so that on TinEye's list it shows how many copies of a photo is already on Pixdaus. But, if you click on the link, in 95% of the case, it sends you to another photo on Pixdaus, so you don't know who posted that photo...but you know if the photo has already been posted on Pixdaus and how many were duplicated. Since my return, I have searched TinEye for every photo I have posted. Out of 87 photos I have posted, 11 showed they were already posted on Pixdaus. It's rare that a search does not show any postings somewhere on the Web. Another excellent source for searching is Google Images.