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Old Comments:

2009-03-30 00:24:35
The Bridges of Haishiwan (by David Hill). Almost a bridge too far - the Yaojie railway system lies in that central band of China where, for most days of the year, you can see the air you breathe. Our visit was no exception, and we waited on the penultimate day of steam operation to see a lightly loaded 'SY' make it's way over the Haishiwan bridge, returning to Yaojie. Massive snow falls in the country had been responsible for a lack of empty wagons arriving at Haishiwan. The pollution stretched photography to the limit, but I'm happy that it tells it like it was in this most miserable of places. Gansu Province, January 2006.
2009-03-29 19:09:12
No itís not your neighbor Ralph. But tell Ralph that if he would become an even great photographer as the above-mentioned artist that he has to take his pictures IN the bathroom instead of outside.
2009-03-29 07:57:15
My neighbor Ralph? He's always taking pictures in my backyard near the bathroom window at night. My wife sees him when she takes her shower. I guess he needs the extra light or something.
2009-03-29 06:38:02
Name of the photographer-artist will come later (perhaps tomorrow), as well as other information. Tip: itís one of the greatest photographers of our time.