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Posted By:kev

Old Comments:

2009-04-12 03:33:11
There's an old story abut a couple who had a young son and they wanted to know what he'd be when he grew up. Early one morning before the boy woke up they left a Bible, a dollar bill, and a bottle of whiskey on the kitchen table.They figured if he picked up the Bible he'd be a preacher, if he picked up the money he'd be a business man, and if he picked up the bottle he'd be a drunk. They hid to watch and when the kid walked in he read a verse of scripture, took a drink of whiskey and put the money in his pocket. Popa said "Oh, Lord ! He's gonna be a politician!"
2009-04-12 02:49:52
Or, he sees a piece of gum on the sidewalk and is trying to decide if he likes purple and whether or not he should pick it up and eat it.
2009-04-12 02:41:59
you could be right with that or maybe einsteins great grandson,the lad certainly has something on his mind
2009-04-12 02:21:32
Great picture kev! looks like he really is deep in thought. probably a future president or somthing.