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Old Comments:

2009-05-06 04:24:30
I just made a comment on a picture of a crocodile killing a gnu. What does the squid eat?
2008-06-05 14:41:32
Its Photoshopped, sweet pea.
2008-04-30 13:56:45
Cute you won't kill an animal but you will kill a plant. Those poor green beans poor lettuce poor apples etc.. Fraking murderer :-)
2008-04-13 09:36:54
There is no vitamin or mineral needed by the human body which cannot be obtained through a vegetarian or vegan diet. Yes, it does require a lot of planning and knowledge... but then again, so does a meat-eater's diet! Most meat eaters are NOT getting well balanced diets, and it is not that much more difficult to have a good diet if you're vegetarian/vegan. I applaud Albasari for having the morals and the courage to refrain from eating meat. I only wish I and other people had what it took (the reasons why I don't/can't are complicated, but I do try to minimize my meat consumption).
2008-04-13 09:09:16
then you must being skinny and lacking in numerous viatmins and minerals, needed for a well balenced diet
2008-02-23 00:22:35
this is terrible. poor animal. i dont eat any type of meat and i am glad to have a clear conscience when I see things like this
2008-02-21 02:37:15
good question, maddie!
2008-02-14 19:23:27
is it still the biggest if its caught and killed?
2008-02-14 08:47:53
Poor thingie