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Old Comments:

2009-06-08 19:05:51
Hey, anyone who is such a douche-bag he doesn't like Chuck Norris or ever wear a hat and boots (it goes without saying, "cowboy"), is not a REAL Texan. Probably from Arkansas of Louisiana. Maybe even Cah-lee-forn-ya! Probably has beans in his chili! /sarcasm
2009-03-23 06:39:33
I think what makes you nervous about Palin is the fact that in the last election more people voted for her than they did for McCain. Without her, your "Special Reader" would have won by a much wider margin. Parker and Buckley social conservatives at best. I don't trust anything that comes from New York or from L.A. Heck most people don't. B. Frank Smart? Really? Your the first person I've heard say that. What led you to realize he was brilliant? Was it his boyfriend operating a brothel out of his condo and he claims he knew nothing about it? Was it two years ago when he said, during a committee meeting, that Fannie/Freddie were a strong. And they didn't need to be overhauled even though they were guaranteeing over valued homes. [The beginning of the crash]If Fan and Fred didn't guarantee anything and everything the crash could have been avoided. Or was it just last week when he decided to target a specific group and tax them 90% on some bonuses that he approvingly voted for in the stimulus bill and the "Special Reader" gleefully signed. And now we know that everybody from the White House on down knew of the bonuses before they went out but lied and said they knew nothing until after the fact. It's mistakes like that that put joy in my heart. Just knowing that it won't be long for the Dems to knock themselves out of power. OK your turn and then I'll find another picture for us to complain about.
2009-03-23 05:01:24
Of course Bush was a human being.... a mediocre,arrogant, inarticulate, bumbling, intellectually lazy human being. And Sarah Palin is a joke even among conservatives.. William F. Buckley III, son of William F. Jr, said of McCain when he chose Pailn.."what could he have been thinking?" Kathleen Parker, another conservative writer, described Palin as ignorant of economics and foreign policy, out of her league, and unfit for national office. "She's an embarrassment," said Parker," and a dangerous one." Couldn't have said it better myself. By the way, most members of congress, even the ones who disagree with Barney Frank, admit he's probably the most intelligent guy on the Hill.
2009-03-23 02:40:27
It's not just about one mistake. It's about how mistakes are always made when he doesn't use the teleprompter. Are you not paying attention? I've got $5.00 saying it's Axlerod who has the final say on what the teleprompter tells Obama to say. Why Sarah Palin? What is your big fear of Palin. I have found the more the left hollers, just means that the Right has struck a nerve. Which nerve does Palin strike in you? And don't say how you think she is unintelligent. I'll just counter that with Biden, Dodd, B. Frank, M. Waters and the rest of the brain trust. Is it the fact that the she is a strong woman? Is it the fact that she didn't kill her baby with Downs Syndrome when she had a chance? Or she is able to have a family and a career at the same time? Maybe it's because she is a Governor of a state that produces oil and that just isn't green enough for you? NO that can't be it you live in texas. Is it because she goes to church every Sunday and not only when the media is watching. Sidenote: Barry hasn't been to church since he was inaugurated. I guess he doesn't need that vote any longer. Sorry we're talking of his speaking skills not his phoniness today. What else could it be that gets you so riled up at the mere thought of a that Woman in the White House? One last thing Bush made some mistakes in his speeches too. But he was never called a human being. He was called all kinds of filthy things, but never a human being. Must be nice in your world to have it both ways.
2009-03-22 21:04:56
Yes ! See the President make a mistake duuring a speech, therefore revealing that he is a human being, and not perfect, and is therefore unfit to lead the western world ! Let's replace him at once with Sarah Palin !