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Old Comments:

2009-05-31 03:55:54
Yeah... the website got it RIGHT.
2009-05-01 11:31:06
abe is yanni
2009-04-30 22:29:20
Texas IS a country, Abe...after the Battle of San Jacinto ( which we just celebrated on April 21st ) and before the rest of the states in the Union joined us we were an Independant Republic with our own Constitution, our own president, our own army and navy and money and our own diplomatic relations with other countries...being a member of the Federal Union hasn't changed that...we still have a national identity as a distinct land and people...and ya'll had better watch out, 'cause our governor has recenty been discussing the possibility of secession...If that happens we intend to conquer Louisiana first, then work our way through New Mexico and Arizona till we get to tofu and bean sprout eatin' yuppies out there would make purty easy pickins and give us a deep water port on the Pacific..
2009-04-30 22:04:13
More about it here: