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Old Comments:

2010-09-17 05:09:33
"....why patito is allowing you to post this photo? What are you talking about? As for the constant issue regarding photo's being removed: I recently posted 40 for each person on Pixdaus. Then I got an e-mail from Simone Preuss at Pixdaus telling me she had deleted a photo because it was copyright and she added the photographer's photographs are licensed by Getty. There was absolutely no indicated on that site that the photographer's photos are licensed by Getty - none whatsoever. So, I e-mailed her with that information and mentioned that most of the photos on Pixdaus (excluding flickr Common etc) are copyright. I also asked what happened to the other 8 photos that 'disappeared'. She never bothered responding - which would have been a courteous thing to do. Before this and since then, I have seen many photos that has the writing on it 'Copyright' and some even have that word on the caption. I also recognize many photos that are from photographers with the 'Copyright' on their site. So, It seems to me that Pixdaus pick and choose whose photos they delete. If anyone has a photo disappear, I suggest you don't accuse others of deleting them. Instead, go to the appropriate source - Pixdaus. Pixdaus should at least have the courtesy of contacting us when they delete a photo. By not doing so, they have created a lot of animosity and mistrust on this site.
2010-09-16 17:38:55
Only three names Connie, and one of those I used for posting and will no longer use since it seems useless for me to try to post photos as long as patito is around to mess with my posts. As for this name, this is the 2nd time I have used it (here and just above), using this name was inspired by the name used by patito for the first comment. And please take the 's' off of individuals, and make it 'individual'. I only have a problem with a single person on Pixdaus and that is your lying and cheating friend patito. I may well pester him (your choice of words) for as long as I can, but I will assure you that he is the only one. And I wonder why patito is allowing you to post this photo after he had a somewhat similar one posted by hot air ballooner removed yesterday? Yes, removed, the photo was not voted down to the -13 level, but was simply removed and their is no longer any record of it. Patito apparently didn't like 'hot air ballooner' and that is simply his style. Why should I give him my name, that I used to post photos with, and allow him to do the same to mine? No, thank you.
2010-09-16 15:33:24
I don't think it's Patito who made the smiley. But, if it is, so what? You have been using dozens of names to pester individuals on Pixdaus. So what?
2010-09-16 14:26:35
We can both play this game of simulating names patito and everybody realizes that Winkwink Nudgenudge is nothing more than the latest of your stupid alias names.
2010-09-16 11:30:47
Gotcha ;-)
2010-09-16 10:52:33
: )