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Old Comments:

2009-09-03 04:16:18
very beautiful ... allot of big blue... fuzzy.
2009-09-03 04:14:18
very refreshing Maria,to see and artist not be angry .no one is trying to steal photos,all pixdaus users should give credit to the artist.because 99% of photos on pixdaus are else's. so give credit where credit is due i say.
2009-09-03 01:48:26
Hi Maria: As far as I can remember, you're the first photographer who has been pleased to see his/her art here! You're the tops! And the photography is first class! I don't know about others, but you made my day... - Why don't you start posting your own work here? You'll get plenty of exposure.
2009-09-02 20:45:07
Wow. That is something new here. Usually we read angry comments of the authors of the picture. I hope that this picture here will increase traffic on your official website.
2009-09-02 20:14:57
Hi, I'm the author of this pic. Nice to see it here :-)