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Old Comments:

2009-05-30 16:19:54
You are the only one who gave this shit a positive vote, you damn selfvoting BITCH!!!!
2009-05-07 01:19:57
p.s.: and someone who wrote over 3200 comments on this site shouldn't tell others that "there is more to life than Pixdaus..."
2009-05-07 01:16:58
Again: I'm talking about PIXDAUS-Problems and not the problems of the WORLD! I know that, you obviously not! I try to solve the cheater-problem here on Pixdaus! You want to solve the problems of the world here on this site? Have fun with it! You have no idea what I'm doing in "real" life, so please don't be so snotty, OK?
2009-05-07 00:49:32
AntiCheatingCoalitio -Instead of worrying what is happening here at a fun but ultimately meaningless photo site Why don't you open your eyes to the world beyond your computer screen? There are people out there. People who may be hurt or hungry or in despair -People who need comfort, a compassionate friend, or just a helping hand. Go and make a real difference.
2009-05-07 00:00:32
You confuse the issue! I'm not talking about the WORLDS problems, I talk about PIXDAUS problems! I'm talking about SEVERAL users who are already left BECAUSE of such dirty cheaters like farhad and Artemis! You didn't upload here, but as you said you have "a good bit of sympathy for those..." and now you moan that some people try to fight against this? I like to have some of these quality users back (hungryghost, comic book guy, etc.) when ONE of these f***ing cheaters would leave or stop their damn massive selfvoting! But please go on and bury your head in the sand! Please! But a lot of users won't stay here because of cheaters like Artemis or farhad. And you will do NOTHING against it! But we will! Why don't you vote this pic down, for example? Why don't you show those cheaters that they are not welcome on Pixdaus? Living is easy with eyes closed...
2009-05-06 23:46:10
Yes..I do have sympathy for them... I have sympathy for lots of folks who suffer and are mistreated and have bad luck ...the world is a damned hard place and it's full of misfortune, pain, loss and injustice...each of us either confronts or retreats from the world's problems, but all of must choose our battles, because you can't fix every last thing that's wrong..self-voting means nothing, really..bobody gets any bruised or scraped..nobody's career is damaged...nobody looses their home...nobody's dog dies...none of the faces fall off Mount Rushmore..any anybody whose ego is so tender that this kind of stuff matters much to 'em must have a pretty flimsy and delicate sense of self......
2009-05-06 23:23:16
Just a little reminder from you, patito: "...I have a good bit of sympathy for those who go to the trouble to post high quality photographs only to see them outvoted by people who vote for their own stuff, much of which is mediocre and pedestrian..." But, yeah, living is easy with eyes closed! So, go on and bury your head in the sand... If we continue to do NOTHING, these cheaters will make Pixdaus a place only for their own.
2009-05-06 01:01:18
2009-05-06 00:31:34
YOU ARE THE UNSCRUPULOUS CHEATER HERE ON PIXDAUS! This pic was downvoted and only ONE MINUTE LATER you vote it "back"!!! AND NOT ONLY THIS PICTURE: EVERY PICTURE OF YOUR WORST ONES!!!! This pic has -3 votes yesterday! Who the fuck instead of you should vote positive for it?? YOU F***ING DIRTY LIAR!!!
2009-05-04 07:15:37
Artemis you dirty cheater! You even don't have a guilty conscience: this ugly and OLD pic (with wrong tags, wrong captions etc.) has YESTERDAY -3 votes! Now you vote it up to +6 again!! That's unbelievable! But thanks for showing us that you DO vote constantly for your own pictures!!! (Not only your worst pics, also ALL others as we can see in the PULSE-SECTION at this moment!) @all: feel free to vote Artemis pics down!
2009-05-02 08:05:48
Artemis: Stop upvoting your worst pictures! (From 1 to 7. Who should vote for this? Ugly pic, wrong caption, wrong tags, but it get EVERY DAY positive votes!!!) @all Artemis is a liar! Don't support cheaters! Vote Artemis pics down!