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Old Comments:

2009-04-21 10:38:21
I forgot to add that Diana Krall, also from Vancouver Island, makes up for Pamela Anderson. Here is a very talented woman who works hard raising money for breast cancer (her Mom died with that), with the help of some high profile friends - Paul McCartney, Elton John etc. She's married to Elvis Costello...go figure ;-)
2009-04-21 10:35:39
You're right ...she's only 99% responsible. Some people see Pam Anderson as a movie star; I see her as a high profile porn queen.
2009-04-21 08:12:18
Oh, come now. I'm sure she can't be held fully responsible. :)
2009-04-21 07:46:12
She was born and raised on Vancouver Island. She gives a bad name to British Columbians.
2009-04-21 06:34:15
Not mine - just thought it was funny