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2011-11-27 21:11:00
An amateur photographer was lucky enough to stumble across the arresting sight of a 'twin' rainbow reflected out of the sea. Phil Thompson, 57, took his photograph of the rare phenomenon from the jetty at the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. Not only was the rainbow reflected in the sea, but it had a double seemingly emanating from the water at a different angle. 'Reflection rainbows' occur when sunlight is reflected off a body of water before being deflected by raindrops. In contrast, the more common 'reflected rainbow' - visible in the water - is caused by sunlight being deflected by raindrops before being reflected in the water. The unusual phenomenon of the 'reflection bow' was a lucky find for Christian photographer Mr Thompson. It only occurs when conditions are just right, with the water is wide, calm and close to the rain curtain. Les Cowley, from the Atmospheric Optics website, said: 'Phil's shots capture a rare rainbow effect beautifully.' Source: