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Old Comments:

2009-07-17 14:59:36
By commenting on this photo three times by one name and two times by another you have brought even more attention to it and made it even more visible. Therefore you are contributing to the problem you are fighting against. Like the old cliche, Pouring Fuel on the Fire. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
2009-07-17 09:11:49
the photographer did write a note to please take down both her pictures. someone deleted her note as I'm sure all other photographers who requested they have their pictures removed. I know 3 that their requests were deleted and even not one request by email was taken into considertation. that alone tells you what this site is about. If a poster can not delete the pictures they upload, that means even if the picture is your own, you have no access to delete your own photo. I would NEVER belong to a website like that
2009-07-17 02:18:24
Posters cannot remove pictures. If there's truth in what you say, then tell either the photographer or the 'Board of Trustees' to send a removal note to
2009-07-17 02:06:38
believe me, its not a bullshit story. Everyone who lives in the Pennsylvania / New Jersey area and knows about the red mill, knows about the group that privately owns the mill and has copyrighted the mill where it can NOT be published without written permission. Here is an exact statement I received when I requested permission as I'm sure Pat did as well. "The Red Mill is a trademark image of the Red Mill Museum Village and cannot be used without the permission of the Board of Trustees." They meet each month on the 15th"
2009-07-08 10:53:23
"Copyrighted rights" ??? OOOhhh..that sounds serious..."The Red Mill Society" ????..OOoohh, sounds like you're even a bigger bullshitter than I am...takes one to know one, Huh?
2009-07-08 10:22:34
Pat was here, you deleted her message. You may not think this is serious, but it is. The Red Mill society has copyrighted rights to pictures of the mill. Pat was given special permission to have it published in a magazine. The organization DID NOT give you permission to steal it from Pat and post it anyplace you please for everyone to take.
2009-07-03 13:20:35
You have to tell Pat Abbott to come here. ;-)
2009-07-03 12:11:33
How do you know that Pat Abbott has asked Gotinha to take this photo down? There's no Pat Abbot on this page. Moreover, we as posters do NOT have the capacity to 'take down' any picture. If an author wants a picture removed, he/she has to email Pixdaus with a removal notice and the email has to come from a verifiable source. 'Stolen photos' is NOT a verifiable source, SO GET LOST!
2009-07-02 19:14:30
you are a thief. The website you stole this from says specifically the photos are the property of the owners and shall not be used for any purpose without permission. Maybe you need to learn to read and respect the rights of others. This is a very serious matter. This website stands to be shut down if this continues. Pat Abbott has asked you to take this photo down and you did not comply. That is in breech of even the contract with pixdaus.
2009-06-27 04:43:06
Gotinha - it's a troll harassing you like they did before with me. Ignore those messages and keep posting ;-)
2009-06-27 03:16:37
If the owner has been notified, so be it. I'm not a thief.
2009-06-27 03:15:39
Of course they are not mine. I just post excellent photos of great photographers and I always write down theirs name and many other informations.
2009-06-27 03:06:48
I see you are not complying with any of the owners of the photos to take them down. You are stealing others photos and posting them with no consent, which is breaking copyright laws. How many people have to leave you messages to take down their photos before you do it? I've been told that the owner of Pixdaus has been notified to shut your account.
2009-06-23 03:55:33
Besides, Hare's The Thief..
2009-06-23 03:11:08
If you cannot even spell your name, how can you expect to take you seriously?
2009-06-23 02:31:07
this is NOT your photo, nor are any in your gallery. TAKE THEM DOWN NOW!!
2008-09-01 23:27:40
...blush all you want, I meant every word. You live in Portugal? Never been there... hey, can you find some wonderful pictures of Madeira? That's where I'd like to go in springtime, to view all the flowers, and walk on the levadas...
2008-09-01 23:09:50
Poppy, now you made me blush. Greetings from Portugal.
2008-09-01 23:04:15
Poppy, now you made me blush. Greetings from Portugal.
2008-09-01 22:59:58
...just waiting for you? How come? I have to FIND mine... ;-) I just have to tell you that you are one of the very best posters on Pixdaus (and they are few). The photos you post are of the best quality, you write captions, tags, and name the photographer. You are always courteous, even to troublemakers - I should take some lessons from you in that respect! Wishing you all the best, and looking forward to seeing many many more excellent picture posted by you! -poppy
2008-09-01 22:45:13
Poppy, that's because my holidays are over and all the good stuff was just waiting for me. :-) Thanks, Poppy.
2008-08-31 16:11:23
You have great pictures today, GOTINHA!