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2011-12-09 10:48:31
This young girl was discovered by Florida forest rangers in the Osceola National Forest of Florida in the spring of 2011. She was living all on her own and seemingly had no previous contacts with human beings. It has been suggested that she may have been raised by raccoons at an earlier age. Since she neither speaks nor understands any human language, so far all that is known about her is based on speculation. She is thought to be about 13 years old, and even months after being brought in from the wild she is quite leery of contact with human beings. She seems to have a great deal of disdain for human food, but loves to catch and eat frogs when she has the opportunity. She also has a strange habit of washing and cleaning her food as she eats it. Almost all attempts to get her to wear clothing have to date failed. She is being held in a special nursing facility near Jacksonville with it's location kept very secretive. Her physicians want to curtail any contact with media sources until she is more acclimated to human contact. Otherwise, they relate that she is in remarkably good health. She will not sleep in a bed, but sleeps curled up in a fetal position on the floor with no covering. A lot of her sleeping is during daylight hours and she seems to be abnormally active at night. Her physician/practitioners are hopeful that she can eventually learn and speak English. They feel that it is only then that the have any chance of learning about her actual history.