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Old Comments:

2010-12-18 12:59:26
When you were at HMCS Esquimalt in 1965 I was not yet living in B.C. I just moved here in 1967. I guess you never saw my comment about being in the Naval Reserve. I was a cute Wren ;-)
2010-12-18 12:29:34
Yes connie. I retired from the Navy in 1978, ater 24 years of service.
2010-12-18 11:43:35
I've been there, but not in the winter. I know a girl who just moved to Vancouver from QC. She says it's like a winter wonderland. By the way, were you in the US Navy...since you were in Esquimalt?
2010-12-18 06:19:36
Nice Christmas pictures connie.Never been to Quebec City, however; it looks like it is a very picturesque place....