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Posted By:Wendigo

Old Comments:

2008-12-22 13:41:02
Real: the word is entertainment industry!
2008-11-17 00:40:06
all of you SHOOT when i give the signal. I can't see anything photoshopped here?
2008-02-29 08:35:08
The press and meadia are part of the intertainment industy. Are you intertained?
2008-02-29 05:50:07
Asinine, I have a subdued though occasionally vocal loathing of the press and "big media" for reasons such as you see in the pic.
2008-02-28 21:40:36
I'd like to see the sniper shoot right through that lens. POW!
2008-02-28 18:22:35
I think this was in brazil, a hostage situation
2008-02-28 18:04:04
Reminds me of Palestine.
2008-02-28 17:58:18
Definitely a statement about society, and its priorities.