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Old Comments:

2011-01-05 08:54:59
Marvellous pictures, Jujuba!
2011-01-05 07:59:15
Make that photos not photo. I was thinking of you over the Christmas break too. Hope it wasn't too sad a time for you. I've put these beautiful photos in my favourites... :)
2011-01-05 07:55:53
A simply exquisite photo, Jujuba. Well done. I also wish you the very best for 2011. Take care.... :)
2011-01-05 05:26:26
Thank you for your sweet words guys, they really inspire me and put a smile on my face! :-) I also wish you all a blessed New Year, full of achievements to make you grow and challenges to make you stronger... Hugs from Brazil :-)
2011-01-05 05:24:37
Yes, I waited a long time to get this shot but it was worth it!
2011-01-05 05:13:01
jujuba, not only is it a perfect landing, it is also a perfect photo of the flower. The flower is well framed and well focused for this close-up. A very good photo..
2011-01-05 03:17:06
Good one juju... and of course: Feliz ano novo! :)
2011-01-05 02:28:21
Congratulations, Jujuba ! What patience you must have to succeed such beautiful photos ! The bee flying, the bee on the flower ! My best wishes for the New Year !