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Old Comments:

2008-09-19 17:34:13
Rusty, please let us know what you 'wrote in your mind'... it's fun to create stories if one does not know the facts behind a picture. :-)
2008-09-19 14:21:22
thank you everybody-i had written it differently in my mind but i like both versions. the pic did its job, made me think-thanx again
2008-09-19 02:45:05
yes, Vlad is marrying a Ukranian, it's very common between the 2 countries.
2008-09-19 00:28:29
Didn't you just say that Olga was in Kiev?
2008-09-19 00:13:03
the story is that he intended to parachute into his wedding, but he missed his target, and he's just trying to hitch a ride to the site. Vladimir was not in the top of his class in Parachute school, but not so terrible either. he's just trying to get to the site to marry his bride Olga, who is smiling nervously at all the guests.
2008-09-18 17:00:27
The picture is from a Russian site, and there may have been an explanation, but I don't understand Russian. Sorry.
2008-09-18 13:38:36
great photo-tells a whole story-where was it taken, Poppy, if you know-thanx, rusty