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2012-02-12 05:50:08
"Please byline: Pic: Robert Mooney/solent..SILLY MOO IS IN THE WRONG FIELD!!.This cow was lucky to escape with its life when it unwittingly stumbled upon a group of crocs. The animal appeared to walk directly into the jaws of death after wandering away from its herd in search of some tasty vegetation. But it appeared to have a lucky escape from the croc species, known as caimans, and was left alone. Photographer Robert Mooney snapped the incredible shot in Brazil. SEE OUR COPY FOR THE FULL STORY...Please byline: Pic: Robert Mooney/solent....© Solent News & Photo Agency.UK +44 (0) 2380 458800. Copyright:© Robert Mooney/solent
2012-02-11 11:34:43
These are Caiman, not crocodiles. They are harmless to cattle. Caiman are very abundant in the Pantanal and the cattle raised here spend their entire lives in close proximity to them.