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Old Comments:

2008-10-20 17:48:23
know the real culprit. UFOS.
2008-10-20 15:58:27
yeah, keep fighting here. And u expect them to stop killing each other
2008-08-13 23:53:37
vaya te a casa Spaniard, tu mama te esperas.
2008-08-13 03:34:29
absolutely right grm. oh, and the mother must really hate America that she gave her kid a hat with western letters (presumably english)...
2008-08-10 13:02:31
You actually think they invaded Iraq so that they could make oil CHEAP!??! You certainly are naive. They did it so they could make obscene profits on the product. Since your average oil company is now making about $1500.00 every second, every day, I'd say that (to the oil companies, anyway) the war has been an unequalled success...
2008-08-10 02:59:08
annesine asiliyor !pezeveng! ÂæیÒæäå ãÇÏÑÔå ÝیæÒ!
2008-02-13 02:07:28
Fuck war!! fuck the lords of war!!! And for USA commenters: Stop complaining about people insulting your soldiers and think about not geting involved in every armed conflict of the world.
2008-02-09 15:49:35
The problem is not with individuals in Iraq, whether they are medics playing with kids or soldiers shooting them. There are some good-hearted, professional soldiers working in Iraq, as well as some people who joined up because it provided them with a way to kill their fellow man and get paid for it. The problem is not with the individual, it's with an entire operation that has cost both sides far too much for far too long without anything approaching a reasonable justification. It's truly a sad time for America, a country that has come to stand for arrogance and hatred. I truly hope we can overcome this by acting like responsible humans again, though the death of tens of thousands, and the misery of hundreds of thousands, is not something easily overcome with good intentions and stuffed animals.
2008-02-09 13:52:51
This is a photo that CNN, CBS, BBC and CBC does not want you to see...
2008-02-09 13:25:26
Hey Kryptos, you flea-brained monkey...I've been hearing we did it "for oil" for many years now. When is some of that oil going to show up at my local gas station? Huh? And, what have you ever done to serve your country...whatever country that might be? Looks like all you can do is make snide comments on your mommy's computer. Grow up, punk! Do something worthwhile instead of sitting there with your head up your brain compartment. You wouldn't make a good pimple on that army brother's a$$.
2008-02-09 06:35:23
This a picture of an American soldier making a baby and its mother happy while their country is being torn to shreds. Yes, he's in the military, but that doesn't make him a killer. Just because our president sent him there doesn't mean he's evil or that he agrees with everything that happens over there. Instead of cheering up a baby he could just as easily gone to the break room and sat on his ass in front of the TV.
2008-02-09 06:21:49
2008-02-09 04:01:26
Fuck! Stop generalising, there's ONE soldier playing with ONE child. He's not the army, he's not the whole USA, he is an individual. Stop shouting about his personal guilt when you don't know anything about him. He is not responsible for everything any American soldier around the world does.
2008-02-09 02:52:36
2008-02-08 23:58:32
Army medics aren't shooting anyone; some of them are even conscientious objectors who forbid themselves from violence but wanted to help. That said, the kindness of a few soldiers has been outweighed by the ignorance and hate of those giving orders from afar while living wealthy on the blood money from their war.
2008-02-08 23:58:20
No one ever admits to posting propaganda!
2008-02-08 22:53:45
and helped to fill the hospital with enough patients
2008-02-08 22:05:02
very true
2008-02-08 21:11:19
Oooh, look, little Ahmed, we killed your father, locked your brother up on false charges, our country invaded yours for oil and we have absolutely no business being here anyway, but lookey, here's a toy squirrel so the media can show how compassionate America is.
2008-02-08 20:27:36
1st Lt. James Harris, a medic platoon leader with TF 1-27 Inf., gives a stuffed animal to an ill child at the Hawija hospital on Dec. 6. Besides toys, Harris and other medics helped donate about $35,000 worth of medical supplies to the hospital.