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Posted By:JackSparrow

Old Comments:

2009-07-02 03:22:06
I never learned Norwegian so i am unfamiliar with the term "budeie". If your translation is correct my paternal grandmother wko immigrated to the US in 1910 was one. Jacksparrow, I thank you.
2009-06-30 14:15:41
Note from photographer jens_i_r: In the old Norwegian agricultural society most farms owned land areas in the mountains, which could only be used during the summer. In the winter all livestock were kept at the farm, but in the spring most of the animals were taken up in the mountains to take advantage of the rich pastures, whilst preserving the lowlands closer to the farm for hay production. A seter is a cluster of smaller buildings used as a base for tending the livestock during the summer. Often buildings belonging to several farms were clustered together in small villages. The seter was usually operated by girls or young women (called budeie), which did the milking and made cheese and other dairy products. Today this system is mostly extinct and most seters are no longer in use for their original purpose. Some buildings are abandoned and left to decay, but many, especially the log cabins, are still in use for recreational purposes as vacation homes both in the summer and the winter, and new vacation houses/cabins are often built around the old seter areas. The buildings in this shot are in a pretty sad state of decay, and the left one has partially collapsed and will probably be completely gone in a few years. It makes me a bit sad to see old buildings disappear like this. The picture was taken at dawn, and the sun is just about to appear behind the buildings. The light was truly magical and I am happy that I managed to get out of bed early enough to catch it. More pictures from this particular photo session to follow. These images are created from exposure bracketed shots. For some parts of the images I used Photomatix to merge the bracketed shots, but most of the blending of the different exposures was done manually. jens_i_r's buddy icon