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Old Comments:

2011-06-24 18:41:31
What a total waste of time all this squabbling is. SURELY you can find a better use of your life energy.
2011-06-24 18:12:13
you call self voting a felony? it should be a felony to harrass and accuse people the way you do with absolutely no proof! but your biggest crime is forcing us to put up with your daily nagging whinning and complaining!!
2011-06-24 17:29:14
The cheaters are botherd? nah, I don't believe it. To stuff your notice, If you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen ;-)
2011-06-24 16:44:08
What else should viewers upVOTE... sorry.
2011-06-24 16:25:31
Where is your proof for self-voting? Because the pics appear in the Recent area? What else should viewers upload here than pinch of salt, Big Bird, Danis or even White Eagle? These are exact the uploaders with the best pictures on Pixdaus! What do you expect? That someone should vote for crap instead? Look at the rest: seems that it is a new method to destroy Pixdaus by overwhelm the site with crappy pictures.
2011-06-24 14:31:06
To Observing the cheats: You could not observe your way out of a paperbag. You're like a vulture, sitting on the pics 24/7, yet you see nothing. How come you did not include White Eagle on your list of cheaters, then? He/she is doing equally as well. You're so full of bs I am surprised you can walk. Or, perhaps you can't. :D