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Old Comments:

2012-02-11 09:36:57
This was runner-up in the endangered wildlife category of the BBC Wildlife Photo Awards. Cyril Ruoso from France took the picture high in China's Qinling Mountains. The young golden snub-nosed monkey is warming its extremities. "If mother is not around to cuddle up to, sitting like this is the best way to keep warm in the extreme winter cold," said Cyril.
2012-02-10 23:56:05
A LOT of assumptions? How many is a lot ? Surely more than one. I only find one assumption in FS's comment, and it's entirely reasonable.
2012-02-10 23:44:52
I did not make any comments before about who is commenting , but I did this time because it's only ademir that could have known the pic was a repost. I also have not commented on reposts before this time. You are making a lot of assumptions Fiddle Stix.
2012-02-10 21:59:24
If you really want peace perhaps you should stop making unsupported assumptions about who is posting what comments. Also, if you really want peace you might want to stop this constant nit picking about reposts. I suspect most people come here just to look at the photos, and very few of them really care very much about who posts what.
2012-02-10 21:27:43
For peace around here, I searched all Google Images (49 pages) using 'golden snub-nosed monkey'; a few came up with that title and showing Cyril Ruoso's name, also saying those monkeys' habitat is China. I searched all Google using 'chinese monkey' (14 pages). The only one that came up was ademiromano's upload. It looks like ademir made up the name. Ademir should not have pretended to be someone else (ahem), and he should have used the correct title and photographer's name. He did not, so should not have complained.
2012-02-10 17:46:58
Big F******g Deal...too bad you troglodytes don't spend as much time finding and posting pics as you do moping around trying to nail somebody for if it mattered.
2012-02-10 16:24:42
oh yeah? eat your words!
2012-02-10 08:37:54
Thank you Not Really - you're no goofball :)
2012-02-10 05:46:52 isn't a repost...the repost nazis just have to accuse somebody of something on a regular basis or their tiny little brains will explode.
2012-02-10 05:30:32
I did a search under the title, then the photographer's name, then tineye. Nothing came up. Who posted this pic?
2012-02-10 04:42:14