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Old Comments:

2010-12-24 18:57:12
Sorry, I thought you knew that it was a kruhme's photo because you also at the same times posted another one of his ... the train photo. Also, I could not find either of them on Wikimedia Commons. The train photo, as you know, has been downvoted to oblivion - probably because it was a repost - posted by Danis I think. I did do a search using 'kruhme' and 'Winter Tour Valais' (the correct caption/title) and it did not come up. I even did a search under 'train' and it still did not come up! So, Danis had not used the proper caption nor the photographer's name. So, in that case, no one should have downvoted your upload, nor mention it because no one could have found it when searching. On the funny side, my upload still has only 37 votes after one year; you're ahead of me already. I'm ever so unpopular...sigh ;-)
2010-12-24 15:41:53
Sorry Connie, thanks for pointing this out. I took the photo from Wikimedia Commons using the single keyword 'winter'. Wikimedia provided no further information or a photographers' name. I made a feeble attempt to do a search, using the keyword 'winter' on Pixdaus. However, this brought up over 2000 photos and over 200 pages. It simply was not practical to look through all of these considering how slowly pages load on Pixdaus.
2010-12-24 10:14:03
Es ist Winter (It's Winter) by kruhme @ flickr. I beat you to that one Happy Jack ;-)