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2009-01-09 14:35:15
THE LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD Once upon a time in a small village there lived a beautiful young girl. Her mother was a large and jolly woman who looked after her as if she was a diamond. With a great deal of love she made her a long red cape with a little bright red hood. Everywhere that she went in the village people would call her Little Red Riding Hood. She felt like a star. She even signed her homework 'Little red Riding Hood', even though her real name was Imogene Gumm. One crisp autumn day her mother made a rich moist fruit cake, and said to Little Red Riding Hood, "One of the neighbours tells me your grandmother is ill. Be so kind as to take her this cake and this bowl of rum butter, so she can get better. And don't forget..." What great advice was her mother about to give the girl? "Don't forget to wear that precious red cape I made you!" Little Red Riding Hood skipped off through the woods to grandma's house, thinking how cute she must look. As she was skipping and whistling she bumped into a Wolf. He was very hungry, and wanted to gobble her up immediately. He decided not to as there were lumberjacks nearby and he thought that they might hear her yelling. The Wolf was very smart. He politely asked Little Red Riding Hood where she was going. Little Red Riding Hood batted her eyes - here was another fan! She told the wolf everything. "I am going to my grandmother's house", she said, "to take her a rich moist fruitcake and some rum butter." The Wolf looked at Little red Riding Hood and licked his lips. He spoke very gently. "This grandmother is very lucky to have such an adorable granddaughter. Where does she live?" Little Red Riding Hood was flattered. She pointed down the path and gave very good directions as to how to get to her grandmother's house. "It's in a very private neighbourhood, you know. Just in the next valley near the windmill, number 1A Fable Lane." She even gave the address! The Wolf laughed and told Little Red Riding Hood that they would have a race to her grandmother's house. "You take the high road and I'll take the low road", he said. His road was shorter, and he was off in a dash, racing as fast as his four legs could carry him. Little Red Riding Hood watched him disappear into the forest. She began to skip but before long she lost interest in the race and settled down beside a pond. She looked at her reflection in the water, thinking how special she was, and even forgot about her poor sick grandmother! She brushed her hair and watched the dragonflies hover above the lily pads. The Wolf arrived at her grandmother's house very quickly. He knocked on the bright blue door of 1A Fable Lane. "Who is there?" called out a lovely, tired old voice "It is Little Red Riding Hood," said the Wolf with a voice as soft as butter. "I have brought you a fruit cake and rum butter to help you feel better." The voice said, "The door is open, my sweet pea." The door flew open and the Wolf burst in! Before Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother even had a chance to scream he had jumped on the bed and gobbled her up. The Wolf licked his lips, went over to the door and closed it, and crawled under the covers of the bed. He waited for Little Red Riding Hood to arrive. Red Riding Hood knocked on the door, very softly so as not to scrape her knuckles, because she had just applied hand lotion. "Who is there?" called out a low voice. The low voice surprised Little Red Riding Hood, but she figured, well, that's how old people sound, and besides, she hadn't visited her grandmother in a while. She called out, "It is Little Red Riding Hood." The voice said, "The door is open, my sweet pea." When Little Red Riding Hood walked in the Wolf pulled the covers up under his chin. "My lovely granddaughter," he said. "Put the basket the table and come over here and jump up on the bed beside me, so I can see that smashing red cape." Little Red Riding Hood giggled. She did what the Wolf had said, and jumped up onto the bed. Boy, the old lady must really be sick - she looked awful! "Grandmothe