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Posted By:casaubon

Old Comments:

2010-12-02 16:59:08
Thanks Tar Heel Tom, I do know a number of lighthouse sites and realise the difficulty of matching a shot - I was hoping someone might recognise this light. It appears to be on a very low, flat area doesn't it?
2010-12-02 14:41:12
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill publishes an illustrated guide to the lighthouses of the world, and there is an on-line version of it which you should be able to find fairly easily. But be warend..there are a LOT of lighthouses in the world. If you're determined to search, however, you can probably safely eliminate most of the low-latitude light-houses, assuming that the white stuff in the photo is, in fact, snow.
2010-12-02 14:11:38
Beautiful image - what lighthouse is it?