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2009-09-02 00:59:50
Hey Jack, you post the wrong kind of pics! You ought to specialize in nondescript, dull, boring pics or masses of duplicates (like some posters do and get to the top) instead of good, original and interesting pics like this one. - I just looked at the Most Popular Today lists that I missed whilst I was away, and was astonished by the crap that had made it and even more astonished about the number of votes some posters got for duplicates that have been here countless times already. Where have they shopped? On Pixdaus? ;-)
2009-09-01 15:54:46
Doesn't look like anyone has much sympathy for him. I guess he'll fall into oblivion as patito would say. Oh well, can't please everyone, but I try.
2009-08-29 18:19:33
We must help him Jack NOW!.... (it's weekend...)