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Old Comments:

2009-03-18 11:50:01
This is simply called "The Rock" and is situated in the town of El Penol in Colombia.
2009-01-08 12:16:45
Sugar Loaf in Rio de Janeiro: 396 metros (1.299,213 feet). It is not the biggest South America monolithic but it is bigger than that in China (China?)
2008-08-16 13:04:21
And JS, thanks.
2008-08-16 13:02:11
Oh hell! I apologize.
2008-08-15 15:05:44
The page adds the quotes, Joe. If jchip8 had put quotes on the title, there would have been two pairs (like this: ""double marks"").
2008-08-15 12:27:24
Did any of you clowns notice the quotation marks? That means that he is . . . quoting someone, just possibly the promoters of this business. He covered his ass, so back off.
2008-06-18 05:37:20
Gee, Ayres Rock, Gibraltar, Stone Mountain, Beacon Rock in Oregon all come to mind as larger
2008-05-04 18:13:18
anyone please tell me where's that rock stated at?
2008-03-24 23:29:42
1st prize for Stupidest Caption
2008-03-23 20:25:57
stone mountain is higher than that,I go up it all the time
2008-03-23 09:23:14
piedra del peñol, antioquia colombia, sur america
2008-03-23 09:21:02
parece que es en el peñol en antioquia, colombia
2008-03-23 04:47:24
Even Stone Mountain in GA is most likely much larger than this...
2008-03-23 04:22:01
The Largest Rock In The World? Ayers rock in Australia is much, much larger and is known as the, umm, largest rock in the world. The photo is impressive though so why mislabel it?
2008-03-23 01:16:10
Tallest maybe, but the largest is in Australia.
2008-03-23 01:11:38
And where, Jchip8? There are other claims to that title as well!