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Old Comments:

2008-07-06 10:21:41
Why is this duplicate of "haircut' so much bluer than willya's?
2008-07-06 07:39:40
2008-07-06 05:52:48
I like THIS pic more than willyas!!! ;-)
2008-07-05 18:55:13
Ta and da
2008-07-05 17:59:13
You mean YOU have a feeling of being cheated? Because of duplicates? Your reasoning leaves me baffled, to say the least. THERE IS NO WAY TO STOP DUPLICATES. Go to page 1 of newly posted. How many tags do you see? Hardly any. Which means that if I were to post a picture of a cat, first I would have scroll through over 30 pages (about 750 pictures) of cats with tags cloud. Even if my cat would not be there, it does not mean it has not previously been posted. Why? BECAUSE MOST POSTERS DO NOT TAG THEIR PICTURES!!!!!!!!! If 750 cats have been tagged, there must be hundreds and hundreds that have NOT been. OK, I go ahead and post my cat because it was not among the tagged cats, and someone like you yells DUPLICATE! Well, you can yell all you like, it’s your throat that’s hurting and not mine. I no longer go through anything with the tags cloud, because it is a pointless (and extremely time-consuming) exercise.
2008-07-05 17:11:25
open your eyes or shut up.
2008-07-05 12:28:44
comic book guy, this is even more worse..if someone else is reposting it might be because he/she is unaware of it.but reposting by the same person is purely.......
2008-07-05 12:22:26
dear poppy, if some one is pointing out,and that he/she is NOT getting anything out of it , it means they get a feeling of being cheated.Atleast pixdaus should start another separate section for reposts.
2008-06-14 17:55:37
I have just gone through about 100 pictures. You are everywhere yelling your "duplicates". What are YOU getting out of it? Your activity is NOT going to stop duplicates on Pixdaus. You also write rude comments about the pictures themselves. Having not posted any yourself, how can we be sure that you even know which end of the camera to point at the subject?
2008-06-14 16:27:22
ha, ha.. you are stupid! look who uploaded your 'duplicate'! (and look at the title of this pic!)