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2011-07-03 09:53:20
Patito aka Connie IX, cheating is a two way street and a game that you have excelled at for years. It is you at Skip that control a group of down-voters that are out to destroy anybody that you, for some unknown reason, just don't like. In the past your modus operandi has been to load them up with massive down-votes, with the help of your coterie of friends. This has been rather effective, although quite heinous, and it has driven several very good up-loaders away. But this tactic is no longer enough for you, although you, and your group, have been long term major cheaters, you now want to label those you don't like as cheaters. You are looking at the up-vote section entirely wrong. When people up-load a photo they want and expect to get up-votes and the more the better. However, each up-vote should count for 1, or sometimes, 3 points. When somebody like "pinch of salt" gets 10 upvotes and 40 points. That is 4 points for each up-vote. That is impossible unless major cheating is taking place. An average of 4 points for each up-vote is not possible unless some of these are getting far more than the highest possible legal of +3. Anytime an up-vote gets more than 3 points, be it 4, 5, 10, 20, etc., it is cheating. If you want to be truthful about up-voting and cheating, why don't you mention these people?