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Old Comments:

2011-06-12 07:03:39
Hi WayOff, I don't have any trouble signing in under my regular nick Connie. Since I came back, I have to sign in everytime I come on Pixdaus; yet I don't log out. PictureGirl says she has to do the same. I posted two cartoos using two different names: 1) Title 'Coincidence? Didn't we all suspect that Disney rules the world' (posted under conspirator) 2) The first/original duck cartoon titled 'Gossiping Ducks' (posted under Connie ll) In both cases, I said it was me who had done the posting.
2011-06-12 06:30:49
Yeah right patito.
2011-06-12 05:49:20
Here we go again, you accuse everyone you don't agree with of being patito, well you are way off as usual, patito would never waste time with something like this, and besides Connie has already admitted to posting as Connie II and III since she had trouble signing in under her regular nick. pay attention next time.
2011-06-12 05:08:50
Well Connie lll (Aka patito); you couldn't resist and had to start posting again. At least this is better than your previous stupid stock photos of pie and hot dogs.