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2009-06-05 13:56:41
It's in the heart of the small town of Mineral Wells, so-named because of the supposed curative powers of the waters. The place was abandoned in the late 60s, as people no longer took "the cure" in mineral springs. One of the things that kept the old Baker going for as long as it did was the fact that Fort Rucker - where Army pilots learned basic rotorwing flying - is also located near the town. Many a young army trainee and his significant other spent lazy leave-days at the Baker. I've been in there twice, and the place has a feeling of another time and of a reality that can't quite come to terms with the present. Haunted? I think so... very strange place.
2009-02-07 06:15:18
The ghost of the Bakers Hotel - Ladies Spa. More info inside. By (& thanks to) Noel Kerns. The Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas, was an absolute mammoth of a Hotel. Now, It’s often known as an “infamous” landmark for reasons that it's widely regarded as the most haunted place in Texas, and one of the most haunted in the country. As I take my time for ghosts, I haven’t read the complete store yet. But if one of yours would be interested, then with all my heart, I will book for you one of the few links where you can tremble and the shiver more … If I ‘m still here, of course, HaHaHa…