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Old Comments:

2008-09-20 04:08:56
ah, la Tunisie, ou ons paie bien pour le confort! quelle luxurie.
2008-09-19 09:35:38
mail it back
2008-02-12 07:47:53
The vertical inscriptions read "chiottes" which is French slang for "toilets".
2008-02-12 05:36:33
I think it reads Confort
2008-02-09 20:37:38
Wrong picture to place this comment, bro
2008-02-09 20:07:21
For those who do not know: 1 mile is 1.61 kilometers. (and 1.61 is a greater number than 1.00)
2008-02-09 19:33:48
What is on right side? Cannot read that.