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Old Comments:

2010-12-01 17:42:21
I love it when there is information posted with a photo. You learn things that never occurred to you to research. Thanks.
2010-12-01 17:32:56
Interesting info Happy Jack - thanks
2010-12-01 15:21:06
For more information on flying snakes see - All the snakes (about six species) of the genus Chrysopelea are capable of gliding through the air and are known as 'flying snakes'. After launching themselves from high trees, they flatten their bodies into a convex "C" shape and undergo a series of undulations that allows them to glide very long distances. The US Pentagon has, for several years, sponsored a program to study them for defense purposes. There are other animals, flying squirrels, flying lizards, etc. that are capable of gliding through the air, but none are as accomplished at it as these snakes.