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Old Comments:

2011-09-09 22:44:25
Beautiful I looked the photographer up he is wonderful!
2010-11-07 05:45:40
Unless otherwise indicated, all photographs on are copyrighted by the photographers, whose permission is required for any usage.
2010-08-04 16:18:10
I love how people request to use an image from someone who doesn't even own it. Try finding the REAL owner (who has, thankfully, been credited by the poster of this image) to see if you can use this Avioz Ofer
2009-04-12 23:21:06
...which is why I love it! I think the College of Cardinals caption of mine might have been confusing also... and they weren't birds.
2009-04-12 22:15:25
A fine photograph...however, a group of horses is usually referred to as a 'herd'....the term 'flock' generally refers to a group of birds..unless the birds are geese, in which case they are a 'gaggle'...or pelicans, who gather in 'pods'...quails form 'coveys'...swans form 'bevys'....there are numerous other obscure terms for groups of animals in English's a confoundingly complex and often confusing language...
2009-04-12 18:30:19
Hi, I interested in horses flock photo to use in local advertisement in Israel. Do you interested to sell the right of this photo? my e.mail: thanks Avioz Ofer