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Old Comments:

2008-04-05 05:23:52
They're watching for the money shot. They look like porn stars themselves. Not too comfortable in that 70's apparel
2008-02-11 04:18:58
We still have two betmax machines. Each one weighs about 50 pounds.
2008-02-10 23:25:44
I remember this Philips vcr. In those days smoking was not deadly and cancer did not excist.
2008-02-10 16:22:39
This is not a soviet vcr, rather a Phillips N1500 developed in the 1970s and the predecessor to VHS developed by JVC.
2008-02-10 14:22:21
I have one of these for sale in my Guardian Angals thrift shop
2008-02-10 08:09:04
Ahh,those were the days!Rent a movie and the machine to play it for a small fortune.Watch it on a 20" T.V.with mono sound.Now we complain if the picture isn't Hi-Def and the sound isn't in DTS.
2008-02-10 06:48:54
This is the first SOVIET VCR (elektronika). I remember those things. This is 80s technology.