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Old Comments:

2011-04-09 05:48:48
Ha! Now I know what a shart is: a shark fart. Thanks, Peasant.
2011-04-09 01:16:35
Ewwwwwww! That "fart" rises too slow in the water! Ewwwwwww! I'm afraid that question still stands unsolved. Whether or not a shark farts in the water... :( BDW: Sorry about this upload, I thought it was a really shark fart... :(
2011-04-09 01:01:13
Guess this settles the age old question of whether or not a shark farts in the water. Now if we could just get definitive answers about the bear in the woods and whether or not the Pope really is Catholic our understanding would be complete.
2011-04-08 23:43:26
Well, at least the shark fired his bad smells away from the people in the cage. As far as the fish go, looks like they swam right into that bad smell. Ewww !
2011-04-08 23:33:36
:) Could be... I didn't think about it, I just put the original capitation.
2011-04-08 22:04:38
Does this mean then that the fear of sharks is just alot of hot air ? :)