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Old Comments:

2009-09-02 17:49:05
I'm sure you have some friends who can teach you - if Patito learned, you will ! ;-) It would be lovely to see your photos. - I'll be next going to Lapland again, so I will finally unwrap my new digital (that I bought 6 months ago!), read the instructions and start taking pics again. We'll see what develops... if anything.
2009-09-02 06:23:35
When I bought my camera, they reminded me to always use the strap, and I did in most cases. But, my memory is not very good since my accident, so I sometime forget. I did retrieve my memory card, so I was able to have all the photos I took before my camera went bang. I can not post any on Pixdaus because I wouldn't know how. I tried after my trip last year, but it didn't work.
2009-09-02 00:48:12
Thank ya' Ma' don't want to sound like an old 'I told you so' ....but.....I've spent some time with pro photographers, and was married to one for 7 years...unless they were shooting from a tripod or using a 4x5 they nearly always wore that strap around their now here we are, all your fans who were looking forward to those Fotos From Froggyland, wringing our hands gloomily and bemoaning our loss.....sigh....
2009-09-01 14:40:57
Nice 'The eyes have it' theme.