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Old Comments:

2010-06-02 10:14:40
He he he 'jujubean', thatīs cute :P You know Skippy, I absolutely remembered you when I was taking those photos. I remembered your comment on that photo (the misty one) and I wanted to try something at least a little similar. Obviously itīs nothing near what the pros can do, but Iīm learning :-) This is why I always say that the comments under the pictures help me understand the angles, the depth, the weather conditions, all the things that influence the quality of a photo. So keep the criticism coming, no matter if good or bad ;-) :P
2010-06-02 10:02:24
I forgot to mention you did a good job on those pics you took recently, you manged to capture that Misty/mysterious look we talked about on your road pictures. I especially like the one with the yellow sign,,,I think that if the misty pics have a little splash of color, like flowers or that sign, it really helps draw your eye to them. anyway, keep up the good work! ...I got the jujubean in, for the skippy! :)
2010-06-02 09:10:02
Those archways make a perfect frame for a beautiful landscape..Good one jujubean! :)