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Old Comments:

2011-06-06 01:28:04
It's also pretty dry stuff. I'm used to reading that stuff because I worked 35 years for the federal government. Aline
2011-06-06 01:17:16
You are very welcome, Connie. Glad I could help. I tried to understand what that page was speaking about, but it all goes over my head, I'm afraid. Having depression too makes it hard to concentrate on reading matters such as this.... :(
2011-06-05 20:35:36
Thanks for the info Mary. Canadians in the west treat it as a joke. The Islands do have a reputation with corruption....we don't want that in Canada. I've never been there; it's mostly Canadians in the eastern provinces that go there.
2011-06-05 06:52:48
I found this Connie about the Proposed union with Canada...
2011-06-05 05:46:43
I know, but it's what the photographer wrote, and I don't change their captions. I usually put 'sic' if a word is mispelled, but I forgot this time. Funny story about The Turks and Caicos - a few years ago they asked Canada to absorb them. Some Canadians said it would be a good idea...we would have our very own 'Hawaii'; others said we would be taking on a welfare state. Nothing more was heard.
2011-06-05 05:39:51
2011-06-04 21:29:16
SalemM is me Connie. I decided t upload some photos as someone else for a change. Connie is getting to be a boring name. ;-) Salem has posted this photo, the stairs with blossoms and the Old Jewish Cemetery