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Old Comments:

2009-06-03 05:50:10
I met a girl from Uruguay about 15+ years ago and she told that I sounded very Californian. "Dude really" was my reply. ;-)
2009-06-02 16:59:20
Don't you have that backwards? They speak English, you don't, heh. - Seriously, BritE is getting more and more 'americanized' by the day. I'm sure most Brits don't even know this 'corn' thing any longer. And how many people recognize the differences between the various cereal plants and grains in the first place? Not many. - You knew this was barley, so you get a medal.
2009-06-02 11:13:58
Today I have had my user name change with each page change. Sometimes a premium account and sometimes not. Strange goings on here at Pixdaus today.
2009-06-02 10:46:26
That was the photographer's caption. I thought it was odd too. We're still in a time warp. I have tried to do a search under 'cat mouse' three times without success. Each time, the words in the search box changes to something else completely different and that's what shows up...with a lot of advertising.
2009-06-02 09:27:49
Really? It sure would be easier if they spoke English. ;-0 Doh!
2009-06-02 09:07:58
In Britain, 'corn' can mean any of various cereal plants or grains.
2009-06-02 08:28:48
I believe this is barley. ***Hiccup*** In fact I'm sure it is.